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Graphic Designer  |  Digital Fabricator


I am a graphic designer working in Milwaukee, WI as a full time Marketing Coordinator. I strive to use my skillset to help support and expand access to fine arts education in Milwaukee.


My Work

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Brainteasers - Interactive Web Design

This project was part of my senior capstone. The show would have normally been in person, so we faced the unique challenge of creating our personal manifestos online in a way that kept the interactivity of the intended show. Brainteasers is a fully interactive webpage that allows viewers to play along as they go, while completing each puzzle reveals more of the manifesto. This project allowed for me to combine my abilities in graphic design, 3D modeling, 3D printing, photography, fabrication, coding, and more.

Hey Brew! - Brand / Packaging Design

Hey Brew! was part of a project to create a brand concept and visual identity for a line of beverages. As an avid non-dairy and coffee drinker, I used Hey Brew! as an opportunity to design for something I felt was missing from the market. This project required brand and market research, digital and physical prototyping and a "photoshoot", where we rendered our end projects in the absence of access to the photo studio.

Northern Lights - Information Design

This work was also completed for the Manfred Olson Planetarium. The program  sold over 5,000 tickets with over 6,000 viewers. Because of the scope of this show, extra attention was needed to make sure that the show was as widely acessible as possible. This required the presentation of complicated topics like electromagnetic fields, solar particles, and electron behavior in a way that was simple to understand for those unfamiliar, but not so simple that it bored those who were already familiar.

Universal Prototyping - 3D Design

These works were done as part of a building semester-long project in universal design concepts. Each of these projects asked us to think about an everyday item, assess and research pain points, and come up with a new, additive, or subtractive way to make the object more universal. In these cases I worked with additive design, looking at what changes could be made to an existing concept or object to make it more acessible. These ideas were then modeled in Rhinoceros and rendered in KeyShot.

Program Template - Instructional Design

This template was developed as part of a branding overhaul for the Manfred Olson Planetarium. As COVID has started to slow down, the planetarium is looking at in person programing again, which means hiring back a lot of positions lost to shut-downs. In order to ease that transition, I was asked to develop templates and lose brand guides to help new-hires find their footing and to have guidelines for programing going forward, which didn't previously exist.