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Mia Dreher is a recently graduated honors student at UWM with a  BFA in Design and Visual Communication and a certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication. She is always passionate about finding opportunities to research and learn, and design affords her the chance to combine those processes with her adoration for creating and making.  

Combining her Design and Visual Communications studies with her Digital Design and Fabrication studies pushed Mia to consider design in its many forms. This interdisciplinary work encourages her to think about design beyond the screen, thinking about kinetics, interaction, and dimensionality in the same ways she considers color, typography, and hierarchy. 

Mia’s involvement at the planetarium and in the Honors College has developed her curiosity. Learning about anything and everything helps develop her skills in research, writing, and critical thinking, while strengthening her ability to design for a variety of audiences. Combining non-arts experience and design practice is ideal in developing her dedication to problem solving and ability to work both collaboratively and independently towards creative and innovative solutions as a designer.   

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